Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth… Day?

Good morning world, it’s Earth Day. But just what the hell does that mean and how did it all get started? The idea for a national day to focus on everything “environment” was conceived by Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson (not a made up name, but a great alias if you need one). As a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Nelson witnessed the devastation from a 1969 oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. Old Gaylord realized that if he could stir the same emotional feelings for air and water that people had devoted to the anti-war movement, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda. He did. Continue reading Earth Day 2016

Episode 1 – Urban Safari

Urban Safari

Well here it is – the inaugural episode of the Pet Shop Confidential Podcast.In this episode Mike takes us on an urban safari, Geoff explains how a snake bite can cost an arm and a leg, and Dave dazzles us with his camel knowledge.

WARNING: This show contains explicit language and may cause ear hemorrhoids.