Who the Hell are these guys?

Pet Shop Confidential consists of 3 knuckleheads who thought animal podcasts could not only be informative, they could be fun. We are by no means “experts” and anything we say should be taken with a grain of salt (and a shot of whiskey). Look, we love animals, and have over 40 combined years of experience in the pet industry, so anything we say is either from experience or from the heart. So sit back, mix yourself a drink (we sure did) and let’s have a little fun together. And if we all learn something along the way, well… Isn’t that what really matters? The answer, is no.

Picture of Geoff and the parrot.

Geoff grew up in Dallas Texas attending public schools, which qualifies him as a functioning illiterate. A classic example of an only child, Geoff’s very first pet was a goldfish that he would remove from the bowl each morning so the two of them could watch “Popeye” together. His parents were what some may call “classy animal hoarders”, and his elementary school took frequent field trips to his house because it was cheaper than going to the zoo. From tarantulas to skunks, from moray eels to homing pigeons, if it can be classified as a pet, there’s a good chance he’s kept it.

Geoff didn’t attend college but he does watch lots of Jeopardy. He has worked in the pet industry for 15 years and has owned and operated an aquarium installation and maintenance company since 2006 (think “Tanked” but without all the assholes).

Picture of Mike

Mike has worked in the pet industry for the past thirty five years. He has done just about every job there is regarding pets. Starting out early as an avid birder by the age of 8, Mike’s passion for animals has never stopped. He’s owned many dogs and cats as well as reptiles, tropical fish, and birds. He’s also an experienced pet groomer and dog handler. He is currently an owner/ operator of an award winning pet shop in Dallas TX that has been in business for the past ten years. Mike does not profess to be an expert in any one specific area of the industry; rather he brings years of practical experience to the table regarding people and their pets.

Picture of Dave.

Dave does a lot of things – lots. Business owner, part time musician, and self-proclaimed technical guru. He co-hosts, records, edits, and mixes the podcasts, and keeps the website running. He also laughs at Geoff’s jokes, so there’s that… While not directly in the pet industry, Dave is more of a pet lover by proxy (namely his wife and daughter). Cats, dogs, snakes, rats, fish… they just seem to show up in the house one day and stick around. In reality, Dave’s favorite animals are usually the ones on his plate.

A picture of our sidekick parrot, Vera talking into the microphone.

You would think a parrot doesn’t have much to contribute… And you’d be right. She became a member of the podcast mostly to shut her up. Her main jobs are preening, making clunking noises in the background, and shooting daggers at Dave with her eyes.