Picture of chickens in the prison yard from the film Chicken Run

Episode 18 – Chicken Gitmo

Episode 18 – Chicken Gitmo

In this episode, Mike introduces us to Honeyguides, Geoff reveals the worlds toughest animal, and Dave tells a poop horror story.

WARNING: This podcast contains explicit language.

Here is the link we promised: Poopocalypse! – No one has ever written so eloquently about a poo disaster.

3 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Chicken Gitmo”

  1. My poor fiancé has never owned a pet in his life. I, on the other hand, plan to have many animals of all varieties once we get married and have a home. Do y’all have any tips for a newbie?

  2. Hi three best friends… One of my dogs, while sleeping, makes noises and gets jimmy leg like she is having nightmares. The other pooch sleeps –like a baby. Anywho is dog dreaming like people dreaming? She was from the mean streets so she has probably seen allot more than most. Thanks I ‘ll hang up and listen.

  3. I was wondering if you sell those faux dog sticks at your store? My sisters’ dog loves them. The dog chews it up and eats the bits. Now she is hearing they are made in China, NOT USA and are NOT “for consumption” whatever that means. Well I know what it means but how can you expect a dog NOT to eat the stick? Can you recommend any good treats that take dogs a long time to chew? Thanks in advance!

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