3 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Second Chance”

  1. A friend of mine, who is very short and not what you would call stable, carries his worldly possessions in a bag made from the full hide/skin of a possum (head included).

    It is weird, but assuming it died of natural causes or roadkill, is there anything really wrong with it from an ethical perspective (it’s not going to get PETA worked up about fur is it)?

    On a related note, my friend is now looking to make a suit of armor out of armadillo hide. Any ethical mines in that landscape? And how do we make sure there’s no leprosy afoot?

  2. Cloning, is the morality of it really dependent upon the application? Cloning yourself for spare parts may cross a line? What are some unethical cloning applications you can think of (we’ll assume anything for medical research is ethical, right)?

    Cloning is not the same as multiplicity, no degradation of quality. If your steak is delicious clone away. We take checks, credit cards and bitcoin.

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