4 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Pokemons Are (Not) Animals”

  1. Very skeptical of the Kopi-Luwak market. I’ve ordered online only to find the company named themselves Luwak to give the appearance of legitimacy in the marketplace. Also found one “supplier” who was producing product at home with her 11 house cats. I’m a fan of Black Ivory Coffee though, and they are much more responsible (check out the Golden Triangle Asian Elelephant Foundation). You should make you’re listeners aware of this alternative to Kopi-Luwak. Also, I have not yet tried Panda Dung Tea, is that still a thing (and if so how do they treat their manufacturing equipment – the pandas).

  2. Hi, can you tell me, and maybe post on your web page, what the rough age equivalents are for common pets? I’ve heard 1 human year is like 7 dog years, what’s the number for cats, parrots, pythons and other common pets? I really need to know about turtles, mine is having a birthday coming up and we’re having a huge shellebration!

  3. Thanks for taking my call. I am considering purchasing a collar, for my dog, that captures bio-metric data (pulse, temp, etc.). I looked at one made by PetPace but I’m sure there are others. Is this a good investment? How,would this provide value to me as a loving but cost conscious pet owner? I need the real story from the people living in the seedy underbelly of the industry.

  4. I am available to be your manager on a very part time basis – but only if you add segments where Geoff eats weird stuff, you discuss pets from Game of Thrones, and we record live from a pet store quarterly (and do away with listener questions). If you do those things I guarantee success. Oh, and positive thinking (Learned that tidbit from Tony Robbins right before I lost both feet)…

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