9 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Moronic Resonance”

  1. Hey boys…
    I told my mom that my dog made the linolium hot when she laid on it. The old woman told me she had always heard dogs don’t get hot BECAUSE of their fur. All my life I just went along with crap people told me but now I have you guys to ask. Not really expecting a direct answer but hoping for the best.

  2. I agree that it’s not our place to comment on what other cultures eat. However, according to this one source I have to share, the main problem with the SE Asian dog food market is the butchers torture the dogs prior to killing them with the belief that adrenaline promotes tender meat. I’m wondering what you guys think about this and also if you could do a lightning round of jokes on the topic, winner gets Mike Hat’s wet cat food (I haven’t confirmed this offer with the cat).


    1. Kelsey, we know exactly where you are coming from. Our discussion focused more on what was being eaten, not the way it was raised, farmed, or dispatched. Mistreatment and cruelty to animal food stock is abundant all over the planet. We have talked about it before, and it will be discussed again for sure – cows, chickens, pigs, fish, horses, dogs… if we are going to be raising these animals as a food source, we have a duty to do it the correct way. Thanks for listening, and we will announce the winner of Mike Hat’s wet cat food soon 😉

  3. I was contemplating Newtons Third Law of Motion whilst listening to episode 13 and it appears my recent comment was misinterpreted. It was not intended as a threat but a warning, for all of us, that this was just the beginning, dot dot dot. In other words, if people continue to encroach on human-challenged species homes then this will not end (ride a bike through my living room and expect a clothesline, minimum). And you can’t just come in and dictate that our home is now smaller, imagine if you went to sleep and woke up and the exterior walls of your house had been all moved in by 10 feet, you probably wouldn’t like it (and then some jackass rode a bike through your now tiny living room). I’m still on the run, staying with my cousins La Bear (he’s french) and Fuzzy Wuzzy (who has a very visually disturbing condition), but I’ll tune in when I can. #peoplesohuman

  4. Dear Pet Shop Boys,
    Why in the F*%& do I still not know if I can legally own this God D&#%$d Octopus???? And is it different if I do the paperwork to make it a comfort Octopus? And just how do you determine sexual identity of Octopusses? And can I wear it as a hat, I like hats?
    Patiently Yours,
    Mike (and Paul is here too!)

  5. My friend, Juan, really likes snakeskin boots, and they are very cool. My question is this – if you buy from the large boot retailers and get the popular brands, are the skins humanely acquired? Do they come from farms or are they a bounty type of thing. I guess I have the same question for all “exotic” boot types – ostrich, eel, shark fin, elephant, rhino horn, alligator, etc., because my other friend, Tooo, really hates snakeskin boots.

  6. When time permits can you review the U-pet Bubble Pet Carrier for me? I’m thinking of getting one but want to make sure it is Pet Shop Confidential approved.
    P.S. My primary concerns are twofold – what is the maximum cat-pacity (trademark), I have 11 cats, will two carriers do the trick?), and does it float, because I’d love to take my darlings tubing?

  7. To: the Pet Shop Confidentialeers
    As an American -I have exercised my right to adopt a second dog into my family. I NEVER imagined it would drive my first dog out of his frigging little mind. My first born is a Brussels. I will call him Nnoyd for anonymity’s sake. The second to the fold, we’ll call her Gleo, is a girl, as the name implies. She’s a Shepard mix. Question 1. Should I have seen this coming. Question 2- how do I stop it. I know that is not allot of info…but any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and love your show.

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