Sea Otters holding hands

Episode 12 – Sea Otters are A-Holes

Episode 12 – Sea Otters are A-Holes

In this episode, Mike is angry at mountain bikers, Geoff buries a parakeet, and Dave spreads his seed to the wind.

Also, we would like to wish all of our United States listeners a happy and safe celebration on this Independence Day. Enjoy the podcast, America… this one’s for you!

WARNING: This podcast contains explicit language.

3 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Sea Otters are A-Holes”

  1. I heard octopi are relatively smart, possibly even having a deep understanding of Newtons Third Law of Motion, is it legal to have them as pets in the US? If so where does one go to acquire one (Super H Mart I assume)? Minimum recommended tank size?

  2. What is Emu oil used for? I’ve seen it for sale and was curious – is it for cooking, small engines, beauty product? If I decided to get into the field of Emu farming what are the revenue streams besides oil? I assume they lay eggs but does anyone eat them? Are the Emu themselves edible? I know this isn’t a financial advice show, and I don’t want to take you off topic, but I need some pet industry facts before I invest. I don’t want to make an emutional decision…

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