Episode 5 – Tiger Piglets

Episode 5 – Tiger Piglets

In this episode Mike is sick of being lied to, Geoff shares some sexy animal facts, and Dave does homework.

WARNING: This show contains explicit language, and may induce vomiting.

4 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Tiger Piglets”

  1. I used to just fumble around Mondays like Garfield…..but now I have this to break the week in right. Everything’s coming up lasagna.

  2. Aside from Asian Carp what are the most damaging invasive species to native ecosystems in North America, and did the pet shop industries in some way contribute to the problem (I’m thinking pythons and giant sewer alligators)?

    Also, are Asian Carp edible, how should they be prepared, and what do they taste like (new segment?)?

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